Geleneksel üretim bilgi ve tecrübemizi, bilimsellikle< bütünleştirip sizleri olumlu sonuçlara götüren en faydalı ürünleri sunmayı amaç edindik. Ürettiğimiz butik ürünler doğadan elde edildiği saflıkta ve etkidedir.

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A plant every tribe and civilization used for thousands of years in Anatolia, of which healing properties are countless. With the family tradition and formula, Centaury oil production from generation to generation is traditional and boutique production. Production is seasonal and limited. This product is not a medicine. Keep away from heat and light.

• Has antiviral and antibacterial effects.
• Refreshes the cell.
• Strengthens the muscles.
• It is effective in burns and rashes.
• Contains Hyparis in its content.
• It helps to close cut and open wounds quickly.
• Studies have shown to have a beneficial effect on skin diseases.
• Has anti-inflammatory effect.
• It is helpful in the treatment of vitiligo characterized by the loss of melanin in the skin and by the presence of partial color defects.
• It is not recommended to be used during pregnancy as there is not enough clinical study.
• If there are any side effects and / or any interactions, it should not be used anymore.

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