Geleneksel üretim bilgi ve tecrübemizi, bilimsellikle< bütünleştirip sizleri olumlu sonuçlara götüren en faydalı ürünleri sunmayı amaç edindik. Ürettiğimiz butik ürünler doğadan elde edildiği saflıkta ve etkidedir.

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We aim to present the most beneficial products by unifying our traditional knowledge and experience with scientificness.Our boutique products are in purity and effective from nature.

Our passionate philosophy on nature and naturalness, 300 years old of cantaron centaury knowledge, our small scale but self-production and the results we have achieved in scientific tests make us different and powerful and enable us to produce products that are respectful to nature and the environment.

We use plants and seeds mostly from the Biotaron orchards where none of any synthetic drugs nor fertilizers are used and from the genetically unmodified seeds in urban forests and high altitudes far from pollution.

Our cosmetic group traditionally produced with oils are a group of production and formulas different from known cosmetics.

With the products we produce with strong components of endemic plant and seed oils of Denizli and Aegean Region, we primarily care about you and your health.

Biotaron branded products are produced by our company in the same purity until they reach you from nature.

We offer our Biotaron Cosmetic Series which we can describe as the adaptation of the traditional to the scientific.