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The History Of Centuary Oil

The history of centaury oil is quite old. Throughout human history, many external benefits, especially wound and burn treatments, are known. These miraculous effects of the centaury oil originate from the two main active substances Hyparisin and Hyperforin.

Our centuary oil production is a limited season process between May and August. It starts with flower yield and ends with the end of the sun effect. In our production process, the hypericum perforatum is obtained from the high regions (750-1400 m. Altitude) which are distant from city pollution and lead, since the active substances in the plants together with the sun will descend to the root, we can collect them with the morning dew and do not expose them to the sun and begin to process them.

This experience and speed is required in line with our deep-rooted knowledge transferred from generation to generation.
The oil we use for the production of centaury oil is the 1st class, very low acid olive oil obtained in the coastal region, old and stony area, as an infiltration from non-irrigated olive fruits. We collect the olive oil that we have fined for 1 year with traditional methods and bring it together with the selected hypericum perforatum.

The resulting product is a value that flows from the tradition that brings the newborn life to the future. We by our experince help the diffusion of a characteristic, healing herb with high density oil. We decided to use the external effects of this miraculous oil in our cosmetic productions and we released the Biotaron Cosmetic Series.

We offer our Biotaron Cosmetic Series which we can be described as the adaptation of the traditional to the scientific.

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